} Ledro House



To breath fresh mountain air


Apartment with private and enclosed garden or big balcony


Wonderful view of Ledro Lake


Location in a large and green area

Ledro Valley


Welcome in Valle di Ledro!

Valle di Ledro can delight every type of traveller. Let yourself be enchanted by the numerous opportunities this valley has to offer!

Are you a nature lover?

Situated between Lake Garda and Lake Idro, the Ledro Valley will impress you with breathtaking magical landscapes. It is a perfect spot to escape from the stress and frenzy of everyday life and finally relax surrounded by lush nature.
Many are the paths to explore and discover our flora and fauna, in order to satisfy both expert hikers and those who simply want to enjoy a nice walk on a sunny day.

Are you looking to spend your holidays with your family?

Fresh air, enchanting landscapes, mountain trips and panoramic walks make the Ledro Valley an ideal location for families travelling with children. Younger visitors will have the opportunity to take part to periodical educational labs, visit museums, discover, play and learn new things. We would highly recommend to visit the "Palafitte", prehistorical pile-dwellings raised over the surface of the lake. Among other things, they were designated one of UNESCO's Heritage Sites. The museum gives its visitors the possibility to experience the authentic prehistorical life through guided activities and labs.

Are you a sport lover seeking new challenges?

Valle di Ledro offers to sport lovers and challenge-seekers a wide range of fun opportunities. Bikers will get to cycle on numerous tracks at different levels, from the relaxing countryside cycling trails to the more arduous mountain-bike tracks.
Aquatic sports fanatics will be delighted to discover the fantastic possibilities offered by our lake, such as swimming, windsurfing, sailing and canoeing. Last but not least we can't forget to mention the wide range of extreme activities including canyoning, hiking and paragliding that will impress you with an electrifying adrenaline rush!

The perfect union between flavor and nature...

The refined culinary tradition of Trentino offers our visitors succulent dishes to enjoy in the coziness of traditional restaurants. During the past few years, on the slopes of our valley, farmers have started cultivating a plant that was never grown on our territory before: we are talking about saffron, a particular spice that can be savoured in revisited versions of delicious traditional recipes.


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